Class 10 Islamiat Notes | Solution Key Book PDF

Our Chapter Wise Class 10 Islamiat Notes Pdf is based on the latest editions of various books to ensure you get high marks in your board exams. The Islamiat Notes for Class 9 cover all chapters included in our revision notes for Grade 10. Below you will find the notes for the class 10 Islamiat Note.

Class 10 (Matric) Islamiat Notes For FBISE PDF Download

Chapter 1 Bodily Purification

Chapter 2 Forbearance and Gratitude

Chapter 3 The Importance of Family Life

Chapter 4 Hijrat and Jihad

Chapter 5 Rights of People

Chapter 6 Surah Al Ahzaab Ayat With URDU Translation

Chapter 7 Surah Al Mumtahina With URDU Translation

Chapter 8 Hadees With URDU Translation Notes

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