Class 10 Urdu Notes (PDF Download)

For students to use as a resource and succeed in Class 10 Punjab and Federal Board exams, Study Notes offers the best Chapter-Wise Class 10 Urdu Notes for free. The major themes of each chapter and concepts in the Punjab books are summarized in the 10th Class Urdu Notes.

Revise these Urdu Notes for Class 10 on a regular basis to ensure that you are covering all of the material in Class 10 Urdu and to help you achieve success in the Class 10 exams. The most recent editions of the Class 10 textbooks and the upcoming exams were used to prepare all revision notes and concise keynotes. You can reduce any stress you may have before the Class 10 exams by using these notes.

Urdu Notes for Class 10 PDF

To download 10th Class Urdu Notes PDF notes, click the links below.

Chapter 1 Haamd

Chapter 2 Naat

Chapter 3 Professor Mirza Mohammad Saeed

Chapter 4 Nazria Pakistan

Chapter 5 Paristan ki Shahzadi

Chapter 6 Urdu Adab may Eid ul Fitr

Chapter 7 Mujy Meray Doston sy Bachao

Chapter 8 Mulamma

Chapter 9 Chugal Khor

Chapter 10 Naam Dew Mali

Chapter 11 Ali Baksh

Chapter 12 Istanbul

Chapter 13 Khotoot e Ghalib

Chapter 14 Khotoot Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqui

Chapter 15 Medaan Karbala May Gharmi ki Shiddat

Chapter 16 Fatima Bint Abdullah

Chapter 17 Kisan

Chapter 18 Jivay Jivay Pakistan

Chapter 19 Ont Ki Shadi

Chapter 20 Maal Ghodam Road

Chapter 21 Musibat Bhe Rahat Fiza Ho Gai Hai

Chapter 22 Admi Admi Sy Milta Hai

Chapter 23 Sar Mein Soda Bhe Nhi, Dil Mein Tamana Bhe Nhi

Chapter 24 Ye Fakhar To Hasil Hai, Bury Hain K Bhale Hain

Chapter 25 Ada Jafri

Chapter 26 Uth Band Kamar Keu Darta Hai

Chapter 27 Bahadur Bachye

We hope the given Wise Class 10 Urdu Notes and Key Points in Urdu Medium will help you. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Urdu Notes for Class 10; we will respond as soon as possible.

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