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The descriptive Approach is the type of Educational Approach. This method is based on the existing practices and standards that have been built up over time. These are seen as essentials that should be taught to everyone from the start, without any bias.

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As the name indicates it is derived from the word, ‘describe’ and ‘description’, meaning how the thing actually looks like or explains what one knows or observes. It is based on the fact what people actually require in their lives and what is contemporary that becomes essential.

For instance in learning a language, if the priority is given to the style of a native speaker or to the syntax and grammar which prevails where the language is spoken that constitutes the descriptive approach to learning or education.

That means when education is delivered without set rules in accordance to the need and comprehension level of the students and teachers becomes a descriptive approach. That includes leverage on both ends from the teacher’s perspective as well as from the student’s desire. If a realistic or perennial philosophy is followed then it is the teacher to decide how to make an individual learn.

In pragmatic or existentialist philosophy, on the other hand, the student is the center of dependence, determining how he or she wants to learn.

Descriptive Approach Importance

The descriptive approach is more like pragmatism and existentialism because it backs everything that works. Similarly, the source of knowledge can be anybody and anything, acceptable to the recipients but should be rational and logical. Furthermore, it should be genuine and supported by real-world examples.

When tracing historical educational evidence it reveals that each center of learning had its own model of education and delivery of knowledge. The teaching methodology of Greeks was entirely different from the Chinese.

Greek educational methodology can also be described as descriptive because they had their own conception of the right to education, disciplines, and methodology. With the passage of time, a number of coaxial sub-approaches to the descriptive approach have emerged.

One thing which is inherent to the descriptive approach is that it is never standardized, it adapts with the changing needs and requirements.

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