Explain Qualities of Population Education Teacher

It is a fact that the child has a central position in teaching-learning situation, but the situation need expert teachers. It is the teacher who can make the teaching environment pleasant by adopting suitable methods and techniques of teaching. It is clear that a lesson delivered by the teacher in an interesting way is certainly more effective and ever lasting.

The presentation of new theory and its success mostly depends on the behaviour and aptitude of the teacher. Population Education is a new field of study and getting popularity in the Asian countries. It is necessary that this should be taught by an expert teacher having the following characteristics:

It is necessary for the teacher of population education that he/she should be well acquainted with the subject matter alongwith the factors affecting the teaching-learning situation. He/she must know the historical background and requirements of the subject. He must be able to use proper knowledge, ideas and basic facts about population education while teaching this subject.

The teacher has a leading role in the society. It is a fact that a teacher can bring revolution in the society. Hence teacher of population education should possess qualities like commitment, devotion, boldness, and effective communication etc. Above all he should face all negative criticism with a smiling face and be determined to achieve his target in all situations.

The achievement of the objectives depends on the role of the teacher and his or her behaviour and attitude towards work. If the teacher is fully aware of the objectives, he will contribute positively in the achievements of these objectives. The teacher must be very clear about the problems relating to population education and must know the proper solutions and required resources for this purpose. For instance, population explosion is a major problem nowadays in the developing countries.

In this connection, the teacher of population education should have the latest information and knowledge about the rate of increase in population as well as the development of resources. He must know how a balance can be maintained between population and the resources.

It is very necessary for a teacher to have the knowledge of socio-economic background of the students, because this factor deeply influences the habits and aptitude of the students. The teacher should adopt different methods and techniques of teaching while teaching population education in different situations.

There is no secret in it that manpower is the real financial and economic power of a country. The expertises are required in the fields of agriculture, industries, trade, and other resources of the country. The personnel activity taking part in these fields are the backbone of a country.

The teacher of population education should be aware of the ratio of these working personnel with that of other sections or groups of rest of the population. It is the duty of the population education teacher to communicate adequate and effective information to his students so that they can take active part in the development of their country and also help in solving population-related problems.

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