How to Prepare for the PPSC exam with one Book

How to Prepare for the PPSC exam with one Book

Today we will talk about how to prepare for the PPSC exam and which books to read for PPSC preparation?

PPSC which is not known as Punjab Public Service Commission is a government organization, that takes tests to give government jobs on merit.

Nowadays almost all government jobs in Punjab are being tested through PPSC. The PPSC test is a bit difficult. But after preparation, nothing is difficult.

There are many books available in the market for PPSC preparation, but the student does not know which book to take and which book can be good for preparation.

Books of three publishers are mostly bought in the market for the preparation of PPSC. And most candidates buy the same books.

The three publishers are Imtiaz Shahid, Dogar Brothers, and Caravan. The books of these three publishers are very popular.

But Imtiaz Shahid’s books are bought more for the preparation of PPSC. Because Imtiaz Shahid’s books are the best for preparing for the PPSC test.

I recommend the latest edition book for the preparation of PPSC. The book’s name is “One Paper MCQs Guide”, whose author is Imtiaz Shahid. Because in this book MCQs of all subjects are distributed portion-wise.

Dogar and Caravan Publishers have also published One Paper MCQs Guide. If you don’t like Imtiaz Shahid’s book, you can take Dogar’s or Caravan’s book.

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