What are the Aims and Objectives of Teacher Education

Some of the most important aims and objectives of teacher education are given in detail:

Subject Matter Knowledge

The most important objective is to cultivate the expertise of the knowledge of subject matter.

Pedagogic Skills

The main objective of teacher education is to improve the pedagogical skills to
motivate the taught, in an artificially formed setting. The capacity to do, observe, infer and to generalize should be developed in the teachers.

Learner Psychology

To know the child psychology is very important so that the teacher may easily understand the difficulties faced by children. The understanding of child psychology will bring about new modes and methods of achieving the goals.

Developing an attitude towards teaching

One of the major objectives of teacher education is to cultivate an appropriate
attitude towards teaching so that maximum achievements from the material and human resources can be got.

Self Confidence in Teaching

The objectives of teacher education are to develop self-confidence in teachers. He
should be fully capable of adjustment with the physical conditions; he should
develop adjustment with the social environment and adjustment with himself to develop emotional contentment in his life.

Empowering Learners

The objective of the teacher education is to develop the proper habits of taking care of their body. Confidence should be reflected in the behavior of the children not only at home but also in the school and in the streets.

Appropriate use of instructional facilities

The objective of teacher education is to develop the enabling skills of teachers.
The teacher should develop the capacity to best utilize the available resources of
the school by means of the inventiveness of learning facilities.

Understanding Individual differences

The objective of teacher education is to understand the individual differences so
that he may take appropriate steps to develop the abilities of children so that he may develop himself as a fully grown individual.

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Indeed, long term goals are very important for teachers to focus on preparing the learners for future life, preparing them not only to develop their abilities for applying and generating knowledge, but also continue to refresh and upgrade their knowledge.

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