Class 12 English Notes | Solution Key Books (PDF Download)

Class 12 English notes made by experts at Vedantu cover the latest curriculum, and these are well-researched notes that let students understand the topic clearly.

English Notes for Class 12 Punjab Board are beneficial for a quick review because the subject matter experts make these. Students can refer to these notes online or even download the PDF version and refer to the English revision notes Class 12 whenever they wish to.

English Notes For class 12 (2nd year) PDF Download

Chapter 1 → The Dying Sun

Chapter 2 → Using The Scientific Method

Chapter 3 → Why Boys Fail in College

Chapter 4 → End of Term

Chapter 5 → On Destroying Books

Chapter 6 → The Man Who was a Hospital

Chapter 7 → My Financial Career

Chapter 8 → China’s Way to Progress

Chapter 9 → Hunger and Population Explosion

Chapter 10 → The Jewel of The world

Chapter 11 → First Year at Harrow

Chapter 12 → Hitch Hiking Across the Sahara

Chapter 13 → Sir Alexander Fleming

Chapter 14 → Louis Pasteur

Chapter 15 → Mustafa Kamal

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