AIOU Fee Structure 2023 For All Programs

The AlOU fee structure 2023 is an important issue to consider when pursuing higher education at Allama Iqbal Open University. Many students are perplexed and frequently puzzled about the AIOU fee structure 2023, particularly when considering enrolling in a course Programme.

The AIOU Matric Fee is Rs. 1,200 per credit hour plus Rs. 500 for registration. In intermediate classes, AIOU charges Rs. 1000 for registration and Rs. 2000 per semester. It charges Rs. 23000 for the different ranges of B’S programs in the 4th year.

Whether you’re looking for information on admission costs, tuition fees, or other charges linked with the study programs offered by AIOU in 2023, this blog post will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision!

What is AIOU Fee Structure 2023?

The AIOU Fee Structure 2023 will include a number of additional factors that students must consider when calculating their tuition costs.

These include registration costs, test fees, late fees, and other academic Programme fees. All students are also required to pay an annual subscription fee for the university’s many services and facilities, such as library access and IT help.

In addition, each student who wishes to apply for financial aid must pay an application fee. Students may also be expected to pay for textbooks, internet access, housing charges, and other additional expenses in addition to these fees. The overall cost will include all of these goods.

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AIOU Fee Structure 2023 For All Programs

Below You can find AIOU Fee Structure 2023 For All Programs you be read it carefully.

AIOU Fee Structure 2023 for Matric

Name of ProgramPer year FeesTotal Semester
MatricRs. 2000 /-02
Darse-E-Nazami Group MatricRs. 2000 /-02
Matric in ScienceRs. 2000 /-02
Matric in ArtsRs. 2000 /-02

AIOU Fee Structure for Intermediate Program

Name of ProgramPer year FeesTotal Semester
IntermediateRs. 2500 /-02
F.ARs. 2500 /-02
F.SCRs. 2520 /-02
I.ComRs. 2520 /-02

AIOU Fee Structure for BS 4-year Programs

Name of ProgramFirst Semester FeesTotal Semester
AD- ArtsRs. 27390 /-08
BS- BotanyRs. 27390 /-08
BS- Business AdministrationRs. 27390 /-08
BS- ChemistryRs. 27390 /-08
BS- Computer ScienceRs. 40020 /-08
BCS- Computer ScienceRs. 40020 /-08
B.ED (HONS)- EducationRs. 11580 /-08
B.ED – EducationRs. 27390 /-08
BS – Gender & Women StudiesRs. 27390 /-08
B.Sc. – Library & Information ScienceRs. 27390 /-08
BS – MicrobiologyRs. 23100 /-08
BS – Pakistan StudiesRs. 27390 /-08
BS – PhysicsRs. 62000 /-08

AIOU BED Fee Structure 2023

AIOU Fee Structure For Master Programs

Name of ProgramFirst Semester FeesTotal Semester
 Post Graduate Diploma in English (TEFL)Rs. 10680 /-04
 Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics for DieticiansAs per Course Selection04
 Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics for Dieticians——04
 PGD in EPM——04
 MPA ExecutiveAs per Course Selection04
 MBA in Information TechnologyAs per Course Selection04
 MBA Executive (Col. MBA/MPA)Rs. 31680 /-04
 MBA (Marketing & HRM)3rd=24915 /-04
 MBA (Banking and Finance)As per Course Selection04
 Master in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)Rs. 12485 /-04
 Master in Educational Planning & ManagementRs. 8360 /-04
 Master in Commerce (M.Com)Rs. 19800 /-04
 M.Sc. StatisticsRs. 29000 /-04
 M.Sc. SociologyRs. 10200 /-04
 M.Sc. PhysicsRs. 18340 /-04
 M.Sc. Pakistan StudiesRs. 9315 /-04
 M.Sc. MathematicsRs. 29000 /-04
 M.Sc. Mass CommunicationRs. 12040 /-04
 M.Sc. Gender & Women StudiesRs. 11155 /-04
 M.Sc. Gender & Women StudiesAs per Course Selection04
 M.Sc. Forestry ExtensionRs. 15540 /-04
 M.Sc. Environmental DesignAs per Course Selection04
 M.Sc. EconomicsRs. 9315 /-04
 M.Sc. Community Health and NutritionRs. 17705 /-04
 M.Sc. ChemistryRs. 31624 /-04
 M.Sc. Agricultural ExtensionAs per Course Selection04
 M.Sc. (Hons) Rural DevelopmentAs per Course Selection04
 M.Sc. (Hons) Livestock——04
 M.Ed. Teacher EducationRs. 8360 /-04
 M.Ed. in Special EducationRs. 8360 /-04
 M.Ed. Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)Rs. 8360 /-04
 M.Ed. (Science Education)Rs. 8360 /-04
 M.A UrduRs. 7475 /-04
 M.A Teaching of English (TEFL)Rs. 13500 /-04
 M.A Teacher EducationRs. 12040 /-04
 M.A Special EducationRs. 12040 /-04
 M.A Islamic StudiesRs. 11155 /-04
 M.A HistoryRs. 10200 /-04
 M.A Education (DNFE)Rs. 12040 /-04
 M.A ArabicRs. 9315  /-04
 Certificate Course in Gender & Women Studies——04

AIOU Fee Structure For M.Phil. Programs

Name Of ProgramsC. H FeeThesis & EvaluationFee (in PKR)Admission/IT/RegistrationFee (in PKR)
MS (Management Sciences)Rs. 8430520207100
MPhil MathematicsRs. 5860520202100
MPhil HistoryRs. 2800222002100
M.S. Computer ScienceRs. 6180123602100
M.Phil. UrduRs. 2800——2100
M.Phil. StatisticsRs. 5860234402100
M.Phil. PhysicsRs. 475595102100
M.Phil. in Pakistani Lang. and LiteratureRs. 2800——2100
M.Phil. EducationRs. 2800112002100
M.Phil. EconomicsRs. 5860467452100
M.Phil. ChemistryRs. 6470——2100

AIOU Fee Structure For Ph.D. Programs

Name Of ProgramsC. H FeeThesis & EvaluationFee (in PKR)Admission/IT/RegistrationFee (in PKR)
Ph.D. Iqbal Studies——————
Ph.D. Urdu——————
Ph.D. Education3180252303100
MS Leading to Ph.D.——————
Ph.D. Chemistry6510 for 9 C.H134004500
Ph.D. Statistics5100612004100

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